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Kindlies is a web application that allows users to view, organize and share photos from all their different social networks and email accounts in one place.

One of the greatest challenge of people who actively stay in touch with their friends online is that their friends and pictures are scattered across many different social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Google+ and Windows Live. Our team of mobile and web app development experts worked with different social network APIs to enable users to browse, organize and share their photos with friends on different social platforms. We worked with Amazon Web Services to design and implement an IT infrastructure in the cloud. We used the Facebook API, Flickr API, Google API, MySpace API, Twitter API, Photobucket API, Windows Live API, 500px API, API API, API, Instagram API and other popular social networks to build a list of features which enables users to view, label, tag faces and share their pictures from one place.

Our web application developers were able to design the IT and software infrastructure so that there is a real-time reflection of the album and photo's state on, additionally building it in a way where no user’s images are stored on Kindlies. These were the most complex features of developing the Kindlies web application. Other technically challenging features we incorporated in to Kindlies were face detection, recognition and social network monitoring.

Our software developers can use our resources and technology to build you a mobile-friendly photography website if you are in the photography sector. We can also build you a mobile application version for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices to display and share your portfolio.

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Other Interesting Features

Photos from different social networks... in one place

An up to the minute view of all your network's photo albums hosted on different social websites and photo services.
Browse photos and share your picks with friends.
Read photo comments, "Like" images across networks and download your favourites.
Photos are viewed and shared via links to the original networks. All your original privacy settings are maintained.
Download any original photo.

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All Your Friend's
Recent Photos on One Page

View the latest photos of your friends posted on many different social networks... up to the minute and in one place

Discover your friend's latest photos on their other social networks


With the weekly photo report e-mail you'll never miss an important or touching photo because it didn't enter your network's newsfeed


Mix & Share All Your Photos

Browse, mix and share all your online photos from one convenient place
Combine photos from multiple networks and create entirely new albums.
Read photo comments, "Like" images across networks and download your favourites.
Relive the good ol' days: Easily create a new album and collect all the photos from a particular friendship, relationship or time in your life.
Share your new photo albums with friends on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, or via e-mail.

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Friends from different social networks... in one place

View in one place, photo albums of all of your friends on different social networks.

View on one page, all recently uploaded photos from all your friends on different social networks.


View photo albums of friends of your friends from different social networks.