HangMessage is a location-based application designed for iOS and Android devices. The app enables users to pinpoint a location to hang a message for their friends to pick up when they enter the specified vicinity. It also incorporates the increasingly popular aspect of gamification by providing a scavenger hunt-like feature where users can view and collect real gifts around their city for free.

Our mobile app development team can build you a similar iPhone or Windows Phone application where you can run scavenger hunt games for friends, family and customers. HangMessage is a simple to use but technically complex application. In order to build this application, our mobile app developers needed to integrate maps, user location and direction, augmented reality and social network applications such as Facebook and Foursquare. We also used Apple push to deliver notifications and messages to HangMessage app users.

In order to adhere to the requirements of internationalizing HangMessage, our mobile app development team translated the application to the most popular languages used on the internet. Our knowledge of iOS app development allowed us to implement in-app purchases in order to enable users to hang flowers and other gifts for their friends. We developed it in way that permits users to have the option of hanging a message to a single friend or sending it as a group message.

To successfully incorporate the gifts feature on HangMessage’s Apple iOS app, our mobile application developers built a channel for merchants to easily hang gifts to other users as a method of promoting their own business brand, products and services.

Earthlandia Technology’s mobile app developers’ familiarity with building iOS applications can provide your business with an extremely versatile location-based application that can be used as an effective marketing tool.