Getting a Quote for the Development of Your Mobile App

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So, you have a great idea for a mobile app and you are sure it will be a success in the mobile market! Now, let’s pause – before the app development can begin, the first and most important thing is to understand the process of getting a quote or price estimate for the app development. This process is just not about determining the cost, but also about consolidating on your app’s initial concept; it’s a crucial process, and we’ve simplified it here below:

STEP #1  Inquiry

The first step is easy: simply call and tell us you wish to make an app! Give us the basic idea behind your app and we’ll guide you from this point forward. If we feel your idea has potential, we’ll arrange for a further meeting/interview, where you can discuss your concept with us in much greater detail.  The first 1-hour consultation is free of charge!

STEP #2  Interview

This is where we really start getting down to business! But first, we’ll give your our background, who we are and what we do, and we’ll also want to know more about you. This is crucial, as we’ll be working together as partners on your app project! We’ll explain our thought process and methodology for app development so you can get initial insight before any work begins. Then we’ll approach the most important aspects of this process:

  • Knowing your exact requirements.
  • Understanding all the functionality you need for your app
  • And follow-up questions for additional information

We’ll also provide a non-disclosure form ensuring your safety and the protection of your idea or concept during the app development phase.

The outcome of the interview process is simple – to provide a clear path moving forward with your app. Here is what we will provide for you:

  1. Thorough Requirements Elicitation
  2. Planning and wireframing of your app
  3. A project estimate

The above are paid processes; we’ll explain what they mean and why they are so important now:

STEP #3 Requirements Elicitation

This is a very detailed and in-depth procedure to make sure all your technical, creative, and functional requirements are formalized and documented. By interacting very closely with you, we’ll try to identify your app’s Core Value Proposition. This is the main functionality or service that the app will provide your users. We address this in two ways:

    • We identify which features your app MUST have in order to fulfill its Core Value Proposition.
    • We identify what could be POTENTIAL features for future app upgrades.

And how do we make sure that we properly achieve all this? Here’s how:

  1. We ask you questions to get as much information about your requirements so that we may correctly identify the app’s Core Value Proposition.
  2. We document these functional requirements in detail and devise monetization  strategies for the app.
  3. We make “Use Cases” for the app. Uses cases are all the potential user stories or, in theory, the potential customer interaction outcomes possible with the app.
  4. Some features of your app would be more critical than others when it comes to addressing the app’s Core Value Proposition. So, we prioritize the features and
  5. functionalities that need to go in the app based on their importance. This gives us the required initial development plan to take things forward.

STEP #4 Wireframing

The process of Wireframing allows us all to visualize the app’s structure, and to test the practicality of all the options and features we have planned to incorporate in the app. Wireframing usually consists of making:

  1. A series of sketches so that the screen layouts of the app can be visualized and it gives a clear idea of what the different screens of the app would look like to an end-user.
  1. A flow chart or structured document so that we can map out the navigational flow of your app. Using this document we can see where all the ‘paths’ or ‘roads’ lead to, as users may choose the different options on the screen.

STEP #5  Proposal and Estimate

Having collected all the information, proposed a layout strategy, and carefully evaluated your needs and the amount of time and effort needed to bring your app to life, we provide you with the following:

  1. A document containing all the functional requirements of the app.
  2. Use case document for your app.
  3. A time estimate for app development.
  4. A cost estimate for  app development.

STEP #6  Signing the Agreement

After carefully reading through our proposal, we sincerely hope that you choose Earthlandia as your app development partner. We look forward to the opportunity of creating a smartly and efficiently developed app for you. Make sure you app packs the punch with Earthlandia!

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